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e physical world. Since then, … [words, untranslated, to Dr. Yang].

 America should carry the flag and lead the world in this campaign. North Korea represents atheism, so we need to unite the theistic religions to use strength to educate them and make them give up their disbelief. That is how we can create re-unification. The embassies that represent atheistic nations should be chased out. How can we take care of the labor union problem? I have been commenting on these problems, but it is not just random talk. I have a detailed plan. If the religious leaders are united on these causes, we can achieve unification of Korea and the world. I shouldn't be in the front. America should be in front. Unification Church blessed couples should be the vanguard to take responsibility and develop their nations further. No matter how and who, no one can stop me from saving humanity. Neither America nor China.

 China may believe that she will be the top nation by 2010, but that will happen only if America fails. Now, France and England are not one with America. That's why a theory such as China's comes out. But if they become one with America, no one will be able to challenge America. China and Russia have manipulated the world economy by inserting their influence in France, England, Germany and America, taking sides and shifting alliances. The free world may not be aware of it, but China has been manipulating the world economy and has promoted atheism.

 Until what age do you expect me to work? At 81, will Americans applaud my passionate speech, or look at me skeptically as an old man? (Applaud.) With their hands or feet? (Everything.) You are saying you want to exploit me to the bone marrow, to milk me to nothing for your gain. What if I kick off the tour and then assign the tour to an American leader? Will you still do it? I told the National Messiahs in Pantanal to pick speeches and give them in their nation until you die. Even if people are sick and tired of it, use that message to educate them. Since you picked the topics, I will take the topics with me and give the speeches with twice the fervor you National Messiahs have.

 Can we achieve world peace while idling? We should be able to sacrifice for that great cause. Then it is possible to be achieved. The True Family and World Peace book is the textbook given to humankind. It has five sections: "Speeches Declaring True Parents," "Completed Testament Era Speeches," "The Public Speeches Given at the Marching Forward on the World Level with the True Family," … In chapter two, the speeches are #6, The Divine Principle View of the History of God's Providence, #7 In Search of the Origin of the Universe, #8 True Family and True Universe Centered on True Love, #9: True Family and I.

 You had to pass Divine Principle tests in the past, on local, national and world levels. These speeches deal with the issue of lineage. We need to know the origin of Satan and the three subjective thoughts, children of filial piety, patriots, saints, those concepts and teachings are included here. Centering on the family, we have to achieve our level in which we can deal with heaven and earth. This is the essence of my message given all these years. We have to be fully aware of our lineage. We have inherited the satanic lineage through the misuse of the love organ. Satan has ruled the universe because of a mistake in Adam's family. We have to be sure our mind and body are united all the time. Through the complete mind and body unity, we can pursue the levels of children of filial piety, patriots and saints. So we have to cleanse our lineage. That is our goal. It is like two streams of water merging, muddy and clear. Which way shall we go? With the filthy water or clean water?

 I declared the Pantanal region to be the original holy land of victory, so that place should have clean water in which all living beings can prosper. Also I was told that the Pantanal region once was ocean bottom. So when they drill 200 meters into the rock, they find ocean water. That means we can farm salt-water fish there. If that happens, what will people prefer--to buy fish caught in the muddy fresh water or clear salt water? The muddy water represents Satan. You cannot see anything and do not know where Satan is hiding. So we have to change the Pantanal into a Pantanal with clean water, not muddy water.

 Who contaminated history most, white, black or yellow? The hunting race did. They invented guns in order to secure their food. They had to shed blood to kill animals and secure food. In America they eliminated the Indians, claiming it was because of disease. Why did they die of disease in 200 or 300 years, after thousands of years of survival? In Uruguay, I saw a white cross on the mountain top commemorating the last Indian killed. In China 200 years ago was the Opium War, caused by the British, who spread opium throughout China. The Chinese fought against it. Through spreading the opium they wanted to paralyze the young people so that they could govern China eternally. They killed millions there, too. I know all this, but with a fatherly heart I give blessing to the enemies. God could not do it, but I have done it.

 While I was being tried in Manhattan, out of my heart I created the Washington Times for the sake of America. I determined that as long as I live and see America being restored, I will have the Washington Times printed everyday. The Washington Times has even gone beyond that expectation. If I had entertained any doubts, the Washington Times would have gone long ago. I understood the founding fathers' spirit, like George Washington's Valley Forge prayer and the Pilgrims' sacrifice. That's why I built the Washington Times and give it my full support.

 It is time for one world under God. If you stick with one nation under God, you will lose every battle. With one world under God you will win any battle. If you go to an Ivy League school, you'll see that 99% of the students and faculty are atheistic. Is that what God wants to see? America bans prayer in public schools. Is that God's nation? The separation of church and state is the devil's tool to destroy America. In God's providence, leaders did not surrender to the secular world authorities. Even if they sacrificed their lives, they proclaimed the truth. So do you expect True Parents to surrender to the secular world authorities? Prophets and saints are always sacrifices. I have to harvest their fruit, so I cannot be a coward but must be courageous and proclaim the truth on the frontline.

 When I met Gorbachev, when he was Soviet President, I challenged him although he knew my views. I said, "Do you believe that God exists?" Face to face. Later he claimed to be a believer in public. Marx was a German Jew. Now Marx and Lenin statues are torn down. In the mid-80s, the Red Army agent, following Gorbachev's directions and Kim Il Sung's directions, were sent to America to assassinate me. He was caught on the New Jersey Turnpike. I was never afraid of them. Even in the middle of Pyungyang, I banged the table and demanded Kim Il Sung to listen to me, that he was vice-chairman and I was chairman, and also Roh Tae Woo should be vice-chairman. Then there will be re-unification and a peninsula-wide election between them.

 Don't you think I can do that? Many heads of state are anxious to meet me, including the presidents of Uruguay and Brazil. But I said, no. I am putting you leaders in front so you can build your career. I am giving you the opportunity to do the mission, but you are afraid. How do you end your prayer? Central blessed family. Do we need anyone? Only ourselves, not God, not Father. Who gave you this authority? God could not. You do not need God or True Parents. You know how to perfect yourselves; you have been taught enough. I could not teach you until I completed my own practice. Now I have completed it, so I can give it to you. So do you need True Father? The answer is no. If you need money, make money. If you need fame, go out and earn it. I need neither money nor fame. Am I considered a success or failure? (Success.) My life has been so intense and serious. I have won victory step by step. Did I ask Satan to surrender, or did he come forth and offer to surrender? Without being asked, Kim Jong Il sent me a birthday present.

 Of the Unification Church members, no one is close to that level of heart, even among the 36 couples. I cannot praise anyone. I have been opposed throughout my life. God knows it and has been watching. Remember in 1985, when I was in Danbury, I the editor-in-chief of the Washington Times ran an editorial in support of the Contras. He said this would ruin the Washington Times. I said, it doesn't matter. The Congress provided funding for the campaign. While I was in prison, God gave me this order. How miserable. It is not ancient history, but a vivid record. We should not forget it. I put my neck on the line and helped save Nicaragua and South America from communism.

 Nicaragua and other places want to erect a statue to me, but I said no, not until we have heavenly sovereignty. We lost God's nation; that has been an historic crime. We are still ashamed in front of nature and the universe. How can we think of erecting a statue? Once I leave America I cannot guarantee your future. Even the National Messiahs in the Pantanal told me that without me, they are helpless. That is not a good testimony. Does that mean that once I leave the physical world, the leaders under my banner will be farther away from this movement or closer? What is your answer? They will become further away. How can I make sure those key leaders will remain close enough to the movement after I am gone? The best and only way is to give them the truth, the words they can study in order to find me in the words, the words given to find me and the nation. As a child, we have responsibility to add more to find the nation I have been seeking. Generation after generation, the descendents will follow the tradition of their grandparents, and they will bring it to a greater level. Not just by looking at our portrait, but by digging into my words. Those families, those people, will feel the responsibility to do so.

 The HDH tradition is the key that your children should follow strictly, generation after generation. It witnesses to the difficult path in America, of tears and difficulties. We have the testimony to testify to our children and generations to come. It is not for our own sake. God's sovereignty is not established. We have 12 years to establish this. Where? In America? Remember my life course. I abandoned my parents, relatives and family, and I have worked for humanity all these years. In the end, I am thinking of returning and remembering their love and affection and securing the fatherland. Many members of my physical family, so many of them have prayed for me and passed away. Have I accomplished enough not to be indebted to them?

The American leadership does not understand my heart and effort all these years to pay back those people who have been praying for the fatherland, to pay them back more than they expect. During the flight here, I was thinking about where I can be buried. It will be the fatherland, my homeland, where my physical parents are buried. I have to go there. That is the family boundary I have to respect. I have gone around the world, but now the time has come to secure God's fatherland. To do that, I have to return to my homeland. I cannot be buried just anywhere. But for blessed couples, you should be able to participate in prayer and effort to achieve this goal. Even logically speaking, you have to play your part in this effort, or you cannot claim to be children of the true family.

 I have worked here for 30 years. If I do not see the result, I have to return to Korea and do it. I do not have much time. If you establish your own career, you may enjoy it, but I don't look at it. Do you want to see me remain in America, or return to my homeland? (Homeland.) I cannot go around South America eternally, leaving responsibility to Heung Jin Nim in spirit world. Don't you think he wants to see me near Chung Pyung Lake, where his base is? Or stay far away in South America? He asked me, through Daemo Nim, not to stay long in South America. If this is his heart, I want to be there. I want to receive his reports everyday, not through someone else.

 Westerners may have no idea what I am talking about. Orientals have some sense of it. This western world accepts the stepfather system. The divorced family is accepted in society. Suppose there are 10,000 children from one parent. Would there be even one who wants to see their parents divorced? Do you want to have a stepfather or stepmother? (Never.) But your community says otherwise. You have to fight hard to prevent it.

 Study the history of our pattern of the ending of prayer. After God's Day, 1968, we all prayed in the name of True Parents. Since then, we prayed in True Parents' name. Then there was another way a year or two ago, and now in the name of the central blessed family. History has developed that way. What does "central blessed family" mean? We pray as a chief in Adam's tribe. Then, chief of Adam's nation, then the world and cosmic level. Now we are praying as a central blessed family, but that is not the end. We don't need the messiah; we know all this truth. Do we still need the family, tribal, national and world level messiah? The central blood lineage family is the leading force of the world. True Children are sitting at the head table, in very serious seats. I never lived as I physically desired. I have lived as a criminal of criminals, without having committed any crime or sin.

 I have practiced the way of saints' lives. My goal is to reach the position in which God will come forward to discuss difficult issues with me. Do you think He has done such before? Think about it. How pitiful God is; how lonely; how much heartache God had, that He had to come to me and discuss certain issues. No matter what hardships I may go through, I cannot consider it difficult when I compare it with God's. I remember so many difficulties, even from my teenage years. You do not know the course I have come through. We take the Divine Principle for granted, pass the exam and claim to be here. But I had nothing to work from; I found everything from scratch. I provided the passage you can follow all the way to the spirit world. That's why I liberated the spirit world.

 Can you independently support me, or do you expect help from me? Should you offer help or receive help? (Offer.) Why? For the sake of God's kingship, not for my sake. We have to make a victorious foundation on the cosmic level, not just the family level. I have climbed at an angle of 90 degrees, and your path is flat. As you take steps on the family level, more hope will appear. Do you know it? [Yes!] Your mission is to make results. In that light, you should feel ashamed without results. Without results, you will have to sell your inheritance and you will go down the drain. Who is going to take responsibility for the land I have purchased? Do you think I asked God for money and whether to buy this land? My prayer was more ardent than that, and that is why God provided it.

 If there is an American determined to protect and care for that land with his life, until we achieve sovereignty, that is good. It is now the elder son's responsibility to develop it and keep the land intact. Do you expect me to stay and die here in America, or in my homeland? (Homeland.) Yes, homeland, the land God blessed. Like Moses, like Jesus, they all went back to their homeland. Many True Children were born in America. I wonder how many want to remain here. America, and even Japan and Korea, have been my enemy. Which of the three should I forgive first? (Korea.) Yes, Korea.

 Forgiving you is just to lay the foundation to forgive Korea. Centering on God, we are talking about forgiving Adam's family. Their failure should be rectified. Everything has roots that must be cured first. You may enjoy your life in America as citizens, but is it your root country, or are you here just because of your ancestors coming here? Repent, because they exploited the natives and robbed everything. The Americans should sell everything and go home to restore their root country. Even if you go to your ancestors' home country, and they do not receive you, you have to go back to the original root nation, Adam's tribe. Originally we have to be engrafted to Adam's family, even if you have to go through several nations to find your original home nation. This is called the total sacrificial living offering. That is the condition of returning to your homeland.

 Although I have bought so much land in South America, I will go back to Korea and then return to God and humanity. The global headquarters of all the organizations should be built around the DMZ area. Don't you think the ancestors who have known my commitment and lifelong walk wish to see me successful returning to Korea to establish those headquarters there? They really want to see it.

 Korea opposed me, so I came out to the world. The ancestors know that. So I will go back now. Should I offer land from Korea or America? America, representing all the religions, persecuted me the most. In Korea, the persecution was not national level, it was ruling and opposition party persecution. When I go to my homeland, will you offer me a gift to take along? If you go to North Korea, you will see under the Myohang Mountain, Kim Il Sung's museum displaying all the gifts he received in his lifetime. You should do better.

 I have accomplished all the promises I made--universities, oceanic enterprises, everything I promised God. If we study the history of these organizations, we see they were done during especially difficult times, such as the court trial or IMF crisis. The Tongil factory fell into receivership, but the government recognizes that I played an important historic role. Because of the mistakes made by businesses, I had to take responsibility to secure the church properties. A unique piece of 1,000 year-old currency worth $1 at the time is worth more than $100,000 of one hundred-year-old currency. When I am recognized for the international work, the world will seek to touch the treasures of what I have touched, including the Tongil company's things that will be priceless. We imported German technology to develop that machinery. When they know this, they will be surprised. Tongil's technology was so advanced that one piece of equipment made in the 50s surpassed the American version made in the 60s. American leaders came to our factory and were surprised. That report went to the US leader and made him unhappy because the American government could not catch up with Tongil.

 Even today, American youth do not want to sit for a long time and study. They want everything quick. With that mentality you cannot develop sophisticated machinery.

 Are you willing to go to your ancestral homeland? Is America the place we should settle for eternity, or rather train ourselves here and take what we learn to our eternal homeland? America's history is 400 years. We have to trace our ancestry beyond 400 years and bring those ancient ancestors from before America existed. I want to go all the way to Adam. I should be able to bring hundreds of gifts representing all nations and peoples when I go to spirit world, to deal with people from all nations and races. Then I can clear up everything in spirit world.

 American Blacks are more comfortable than blacks in Africa. Are you feeling responsibility for them, to become a medical doctor to go cure them of AIDS? Who is ready to do more, the blacks who have been living here simply, or the whites who live a complicated life?

 I wondered as we landed today, who are those people who have dedicated their lives to the Unification Church? Many were inspired by spirit world. Many passed away already. All those led by spirit world came to me, many of them are in spirit world. The current leaders are not that kind, but I am relying on these leaders, and am I achieving my goals or not? I was repenting myself. I was thinking, there must be some followers who really gave their lives to do God's work, but I didn't recognize their careers. There must be some such. Therefore, if the current leaders around me are working many times harder than the earlier leaders, then I will recognize their work. If they do not reach that level, I should replace them with new leaders.

 Many in the secular world look good but are not true leaders or followers. I may have to rely on those who are ugly, but who stand by me and dedicate themselves. I was thinking of the current leaders--one by one, who is heartistic and dedicated, and how I should treat them based on the level they achieve. The vertical love never changes direction. It is a one-way street. Even if the situation changes, my love cannot change; it is the central root. It cannot be changed as long as you have the straight vertical love line, there is no shadow at any time. Question yourself if you have that degree of love. When I went to Salobra, four missionary couples came to spend time with me. They testified the hardship they've gone through. I thought of the True Children's life. I thought, I have to buy land, but I should not lose people. I should make sure the people are secure before I buy land. If I buy land but lose people, what good is it? I don't want to be considered a father who buys land and doesn't care about the members.

 In Korea, there are people who always want to follow me. When I left Salobra, people wanted to piggy-back with me to get to Campo Grande and São Paulo. In America, did I love things or people more? Americans may love things, but I love people more. The winners are people who love people. Therefore, as my followers, if you inherit my tradition, even if you lose all you possess, if you keep the people intact, the things will return. We have to prefer people over money. Even if we lose money, through people we will be able to obtain money. If we lose people, everything will be lost. Following the American concept, what comes first, people or money? Huh? (People.) Only white people? What about black people? Yellow people? In the secular world, not many people value people above things.

 If you plead to ten million whites in America to save the world, they will not pay attention, but out of ten million blacks, many will follow. If you keep man first and wealth second, then you may lose money but you will gain it in the long run. If you have the other priority, you will lose everything. What if I said that in this year, all responsibility for America should be on your shoulders, do you have confidence to do it? [Yes.] If you cannot do it, I will have to shake the dust off my sandals in this country and leave. Should that foundation remain here or go someplace else? [Someplace else.] Imagine if I were to take the amount of money I send here every month and sent it to China or Russia. It would turn those countries upside down. So you are indebted to whom? God? True Parents? Yourselves?

 You may look down on Koreans and third world people, but you are indebted to those people. When can you pay them back? The white race--you have exploitation in your blood. I never once thought about manipulating or exploiting you. Instead, I wanted to leave my legacy here, like bank interest, so that when I leave, you will have a lot to work with. Don't you think I've shed enough tears looking at your mountains, countryside and people? You are indebted to my tears. When I leave America and turn my back against it, need I cut off everything I've built here, or leave a string attached?

 On the airplane, I thought of the followers who have left, who died and who still remain. I remember mostly Koreans. I felt responsible to those who are in spirit world, to help their descendents. I thought, if I help the children and cannot do enough, I have to mobilize other countries to help them. I thought that this is the desire of these children's ancestors.

 It is not determined when I can return here once I go back to Korea. I haven't decided yet. I'm telling you this because in 10, 20 or 30 years, when I go to spirit world, you will remember the plan I had and know what to do. I have sacrificed too much in America, into the 34th year. There was not one day in which I enjoyed my life comfortably. True Children may not be able to understand my heart fully yet, but they will understand soon. Heung Jin Nim understood my heart after arriving in spirit world. He knows what I expect of him. So he feels, in a way, sorry and ashamed that he is respected because he is a True Child, and therefore is in a certain position, but he doesn't feel qualified to be there. So those in leadership positions are the pitiful ones; take it seriously.

 Among those I cannot forget, there are particularly those who comforted me when I was in a dire situation, dealing with police or in prison. I cannot forget those people. They came forward and comforted my heart when I was under stress. God will remember them. So I feel I should live that way, so that God and people will remember me. This thinking is not normal, but "last thinking." Since God finally could take the throne, now is the time to somehow find the proper place for religious founders in the spirit world. So on the way back from South America, I thought that on this tour I will give this message to the religious leaders so that I do not feel indebted to them. They should feel an open heart to my message.

 In the hot sun, people wear hats, but hats inhibit the flow of air, so you sweat. But if you take off the hat, you get burned. The hat was challenging me to put it on, telling me that even though it causes sweat, it protects me from the sun. So I put it back on. But sweat flowed profusely, even into my eyes. It stings the eyes. You wipe it from the eyes and spit it out from the mouth.

 I never felt that before in the Pantanal, but this time I did. Even if I don't return there, I will remember this experience. If I go to the fifty states every day, don't you think I will feel tired and exhausted? But it will be easier than the conditions of sweating in the Pantanal, because at least there will be air-conditioning. Since I am putting this much effort, I think American members should do their best so that more people than expected will come and the hall will be too small. I am hoping that. What if, through this tour, people are trampled because the crowds are so big? Is that a good way to think? If ten were to be injured by that, I think 80% should be Unification Church members. Is that good thinking? In order to save Cain, Abel should be able to sacrifice himself. This task is important enough to sacrifice our lives. If the room is not completely full, I will be disappointed. This is the first and last in history. There will be no other chance for me to come to America and do a fifty state tour.

 Thirty years ago, I toured but had almost no foundation here. Now there is a foundation of Christian ministers. I had to provide all the funds, but now you are grown up and strong enough to pay for it. So it is much better now. There was no money; members had to fundraise city by city. This is an historical record. It is a serious issue; it will be my last speaking tour in America. Will American members bring victory? That is the question. Rev. Yang and Rev. Jenkins, do you have confidence? [Yes, I do! America is moving, Abonim, kamsa hamnida.] If you are determined to the level of a 40-day fast, it may be possible.

 When I want to do a project, my mind is flying high, but I don't see that here. When I leave America, will you be ready to receive my 10,000 years blessing, or will I have to take it somewhere else? It is serious. Don't you think I know approximately when I will join the spirit world? There is much work waiting for me there. In place of God, I will have to reorganize the spirit world. There are many blessed couples in spirit world already, Japanese, Koreans and Americans, and four major saints. When I reorganize it, I will bring them to the physical world and push the people here. Do you think the spirit world expects me to come quickly or later? My heart went out to those missionaries who came to see me at the Salobra hotel.

 Rev. Kim: One couple had an American husband, Charles, a UTS grad with a Japanese wife. He was at the end of his rope and wanted to leave his mission. Rev. Yoon strongly advised him not to. Instead of leaving, he brought his wife and they are working together. Since she came, they have children now, but their life is so humble and poor. Sometimes she didn't even have 50 cents to buy shoes for their daughter. So the parents cried, and the daughter comforted them by saying that she could wear slippers to school and don't worry about her. They earn less than one dollar a day. So Father gave them all the money he had. The sister later told me that her brother had sent her exactly that amount from Japan, but it was lost in the mail. Father gave exactly the same amount that was lost.

 Father decided to buy a center in Campo Grande, to help these suffering missionaries.

 Father: So, I was thinking of what I could give America, and my gift is the fifty state speaking tour. It will be the treasure for America. This is the beginning of the third millennium. I could continue a long time, but let's go back to work.